Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery | Cataract Surgery | Glaucoma Surgery | Strabismus SurgeryAs a comprehensive practice, Lakeview Eyecare offers eye surgery. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Platt provides skillful expertise and care throughout the entire surgical process — from preoperative evaluations and preparation, to the surgery itself, to the postoperative follow-ups. While she is an accomplished cataract surgeon, she also performs glaucoma and strabismus surgeries.

Cataract Surgery

Eye Surgery | Cataract Surgery | Glaucoma Surgery | Strabismus SurgeryA cataract is opacification of the human lens, which results in blurry, hazy vision, difficulty focusing, and night time glare as the most prominent symptoms. With cataract surgery, the human lens is removed and replaced by an intraocular lens implant to permit clear images.  The surgery is performed through a tiny incision at the edge of the cornea and rarely requires sutures. Undertaken in a modern, well-staffed and well-equipped outpatient surgery center, the surgery requires only I.V. sedation and topical (no injections) anesthesia. No patch is applied after the procedure. You can return immediately to the comfort of your own home and very quickly begin to enjoy clearer vision.

There are a variety of lens implants. The standard lens implant, is an engineering marvel, and permits clear, focused images. Premium lens implants, for which there is an additional charge, include sophisticated multifocal implants that engage vision at both distance and near ranges.  Corrections for astigmatism are also a feature of cataract surgery. Even though cataract surgery is a major operation, it is efficient, brief, and gives rapid improvement in vision.

Glaucoma Surgery

Eye Surgery | Cataract Surgery | Glaucoma Surgery | Strabismus SurgeryGlaucoma is a condition in which elevated intraocular pressure causes damage to the optic nerve.  It is usually treatable with medicated eye drops, but occasionally requires surgery. The surgery can range from laser interventions to surgery, such as trabeculectomy. Typically, this surgery provides good control and lowering of intraocular pressures.

Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus refers to the malalignment of the eyes in which one of the eyes appears to turn in or out—the eyes do not seem to work together or look straight ahead. Surgery is performed on the eye muscles to realign the eyes. With adults, this surgery can be accomplished with an adjustable suture so that the outcome is more precise.

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